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Jeff Lade is a composer who straddles neo-classical styles and has farmed some good lessons from minimalism as well. He has studied under Dr James Woodweard at SIU-E, Dr David Feurzeig at ISU and DR Martha Horst as well at ISU. He is currently studying privately under Dr Doug Salokar.

Jeff Lade is a modern composer in every sense of the word, not afraid of the lessons of the past, nor is he unwilling to bend those lessons to fit his end product. His lesser compositions can be found on the sibelius music home page. He was married for two decades but is happilly composing again, time should prove massive improvement. He is currently working on a trumpet and organ piece for a small fee, but he is anxious to get back to his Salute to Steve Reich, using the same ensemble as Reich's music for 18 musicians. Please fell free to critique any of my work at the sibelius home page, as I could always use constructive criticism!