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Cristian Molina is a American/Salvadorian who was born and raised in Los Angeles. He is currently going to Luther Burbank Middle School. He was inspired to become a musician by his older brother and cousins.

Musician's Life

Inspired by his brother Frank Molina, at age 8 Cristian first started playing his first Instrument, the guitar. Taking classes at Ramona Hall, a small art school located on Figueroa St in the City of Highland Park. After taking 2 years of classes, Cristian was placed in an advanced class were he formed his own band. Since nobody was able to come up with a name for the band, everyone decided the name The Unknowns. Cristian then started to play at many shows with his band and soon started to get noticed. Cristian is currently starting to get paid for each gig that he plays with his band and starting to improve his guitar skills. In 2006, being inspired by his cousin Lucas Vargas Cristian started to play his second instrument, the piano. Trying to learn how to play, he wasn't any good at it and didn't care about learning to play anymore. He is currently improving on playing piano and is hoping later to write his own musical compositions.