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A Japanese Composer-Conductor based in Aoki/Iino/Fukushima Japan, Shigeru Kan no has conducted opera and contemporary music throughout the world. He has studied in Fukushima, Tokyo, Wien(Vienna), Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Frankfurt with each Shimazu, Nishimura, Österreicher, Bernstein, Lachenmann, Rilling and Zender. Has been awarded 38 times with Competition and Conducting Prizes. Has received the Fellowship and Bursarry awards 16 times, participated 12 times with the Great Composers Seminar and/or private Lesson and 7 times in the Seminares for Composers. Invited 12 times to the Festivales for New Music and 12 times to the Tournee-Project.

Has accumulated a repertoire of over 100 Opera and 500 Concert-repertoire performances as a conductor. WVE-Number: The total number of own works in Europe only is 232 plus 10 electronic and cinema music; 20 Arrangements; approximately 200 Arrangement of Originals.