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Eftos is a German Avant-garde project. Lyrically it is assigned to nihilism, musically the closest named genre is industrial music.


  • Local Sense Technology (1999-2014) CD
  • Art Prime (2006-2016) CD
  • Essential Eftos (1999-2016) CD


Eftos is inspired by C64 music, especially Rob Hubbard's Sanxion, because of its lead and the opening. On various websites he states that his music can be classified als 'Leadcore', a genre yet to be defined precisely, however, lead based music was around at all times. A lead is, or leads are the base of his songs. Without repetition, plain, bitonal, polytonal or atonal they follow climax-oriented rules. Around 2005 a radical twist occurred: Eftos changed from instrumentals to vocals and misanthropy. Along with it the music switched to the dark side of industrial.