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Lucas "Bon Jorgie" Vargas is an American/Salvadorian Pianist. Born and Raised in the City of Los Angeles. He is currenting attending Glendale Community College, California. He has been playing piano since October 2005, but didn't take it serious until one year later. He is improving his Compositions skills and is going to attend Musicianship and Harmony Classes at G.C.C during the Fall.

Musician History

Lucas Vargas was first introduced to a musical instrument at age 15, his frist instrument was the drums. after attending drum lessons he formed a band with his cousins. Soon after moving to Riverside, California, he wasn't able to attend his band back in Los Angeles. During his Jr year at Highschool, he enrolled in the schools jazz band. Lucas didn't have the least bit of Music theory so he was replaced by another drummer. This caused him to loose interest in performing. Only living for a year in Riverside he moved back to Los Angeles. upon his return he picked up the guitar. still not having any knowledge of theory he mostly read tabs. upon graduation, he attended Glendale Community College and took a Theory Class, and a piano class. To this very day he is still improving his musician skills. He is currently a Solo Artist.


Bach - "Minuette in G" (Performed on Piano and Classical Guitar)
Older Beginner Piano - "In Church"