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Connor Lidell (born June 11 1992) composes music for personal experience. He was born in Arlington, Texas, U.S.A. He does musical theater a lot in his spare time when not composing. He likes to sing at weddings for people he doesn't know. He wants to get a Doctorate in Musical Composition. He wishes to first, however, pursue a career in music education or be a musical theatre professional for quite a few years.

His Performances


  • is very cool


  • 14- Theater Productions
  • 3- CDs
  • TPSMEA 2006- Solo and Ensemble Contest. Highest Rating and best singer in Texas.
  • TMEA 2006- All Region Choir. Made 3rd Chair.
  • TPSMEA 2007- Solo and Ensemble Contest. Highest Rating and best singer in Texas 3 years in a row.
  • TMEA 2007- All Region Choir. Made 1st Chair.
  • TMEA 2008- All Region Choir. Made 3rd Chair. (4th Round Alternate)

His works


  • Prologue in D Major
  • Modern Waltz
  • March of Nature
  • 10 Pieces for the Modern Pianist Concert Series


  • Song Cycle for Baritone


  • Star Wars: The Musical


  • Overture to Crimson Candy and Blood Colored Hood
  • Prologue to Cinderella: The True Story
  • Bridge to Terabithia (Transcription)

Summery of Works

Piano- 13 Piano/Vocal- 1 Musicals-1 Orchestral-3