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Daniel Walsh (1988) was born in Massachusets and has moved several times. He is currently residing in Maine. He began writing music at age thirteen and has finished several major works. His works are written in the neo-romantic style. Daniel Walsh has had eight years of instruction in baritone sax and three years of instruction on the piano.

Style and Influences

The majority of Walsh's works are written in the neo-romantic style, although he has delved into jazz and computer music. His major influences are Rachmaninoff, Dvorak, and Beethoven. His music often combines themes reminiscent of all of these composers.

Composition Experience

Walsh has had his works performed at both Hartwick College in western New York and at the Cleveland Institute of Music. His first performed work was "The Eternal Search", a piece written for violin, cello, flute, and piano. Walsh was asked to compose works for the Winslow High School band in Winslow, Maine, and hopes to have several works performed by them next school year.

Major Works

The Eternal Search

Piano Sonata No.1 in C minor


Fanfare in A Minor

Several other works are currently in progress. 412 ideas for melodies are saved to his computer, and more are constantly added and revised.