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José Pablo Fernández Magaña born in 8 April 1993 in Mexico City, Mexico. His Parents Leopoldo Fernández Arroyo and Hilda Yolanda Magaña Castañeda are missioners, only four month after his birth they moved to Zacatlán, Puebla, the city here his father born. There, José received all his education first in public schools where he had intellectual conflict with his teachers. In the first year of the high school he abandoned the school and he was educated by his parents.

At the age of 8, he started assisting to a local annex of the Conservatory of Music and Declamation of Puebla, where he received his first musical lessons, Next year he started on Violin but deserting of it later, he changed to Singing, Piano, and Trumpet, the guitar was refused to him. It took 6 years to him to complete the initiation process and finally in 2007, he got into the college level, taking lessons with the professor Jorge Rubio. He abandoned the lessons with him for family reasons. Now he studies the college in an ”open-system”.

José a Contemporary Mexican Composer declared himself a Christian and he currently lives in Zacatlán with his family.