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Constantine is 29 years old and has been composing since the age of twelve. He is currently completing his studies in piano and harmony hoping to soon proceed to counterpoint, fugue, and finally the long waited and desired composition program in a conservatory of his choice in his native land.

His works include 7 quartets (1), some piano music (2, 3), some orchestral pieces and a handful of songs (4).

His major influences include Shostakovich, Prokofiev (the Russians in general apart from Stravinsky),Mahler, Messiaen, Franck (for his superb modality), and Schubert.

Constantine aspires to become fully capable of expressing himself through music after his studies in advanced music theory are over and so that the way to music composition may be open to him, under a fine tutoring and, finally, away from the amateurism which definately characterizes a large body of his work.