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Vincent Obi (b. 7 May, 1984) is a Nigerian composer and instrumentalist with diplomas in Science Lab Technology (2005) and Composition, Harmony and Counterpoint (2008). He currently pursues his MA(Mus) at The University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Mr. Obi plays German flute, piano, organ, Congo drums, and the harmonica.

Mr. Obi enjoys singing, listening to classic songs, and playing volleyball. He is currently the music director and teacher of the Pallotine Seminary Mbaukwu, Nigeria.


Over 150 compositions in English, German, Latin, and Nigerian Local Languages.

Major compositions

  • Missa de St Vincent Pallotti.(2009)
  • The Joy of Matrimony.[Best 10 Wedding Cantatas]
  • The Celestial Psalter,[20 Abridged Biblical Psalms set to Anthems]
  • Ihunanya {Ode to Love}.[An Igbo folk song]
  • Early Moments (5 Piano Song)