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Charlotte Williams (1987- ) is a composer from South Wales in the United Kingdom. Her user names on Young Composers have been raining_hail (2006-2009) and Apple Charlie (2009 - ). She was raised in Pontypridd, South Wales and played several instruments in her childhood before developing an interest in Composition. Williams is also dyslexic and dyspraxic.


Born and raised on a council estate in Pontypridd, South Wales, she was educated publically at her local comprehensive. In 2005, she left secondary education and entered Bangor University to undertake an undergraduate degree in Music in September 2005.

Williams has completed 3 years at Bangor studying numerous modules in Musicology and Composition fields. Currently a final year student, she is undertaking two special projects. The first is a Composition portfolio and the second a dissertation entitled Practical and Creative Perspectives on the Late 20th Century British String Quartet.


Williams’ style has an enthusiasm for melodic content and her output has produced several works such Under the Celtic Barrow which are melodic in nature. She is now developing works with more complex rhythms and harmonic content which resulted in revisions of a couple of early works including Procession of the Toys.



Up in the Clouds Piano


Paranoia String Quartet


Procession of the Toys Wind Quartet

Midnight Harp

Under the Celtic Barrow Oboe and String Quartet

Winter Sun Cl., Pno, Vln., Vc.


Misty Waters Fl. , Vib., Hp.

‘Tok Fl., Vib., Hp.


Loud and Quiet Ob., Hn., Vc.

Rosebuds Fl., Ob., Cl., Bsn., Hn., 2 Vlns., Vla., Vc.


Charlotte can be reached here if you wish to contact her via the community.