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Riley (b. 1983) is an American composer and pianist. She suddenly began to play the piano at the age of six, with no prior training. Afterward, she began to take studies in Suzuki violin at the age of eight. At the age of ten, because of reasons beyond her control, she abandoned violin studies and begin to take studies in piano. At the age of twelve, she temporarily abandoned piano studies. After about seven months, she resumed piano studies for another year. Unfortunately, her instructor retired, thereby leaving her to continue to provide her own piano instruction. She continued to instruct herself until she arrived at the university. At the university, she studied piano for seven years, percussion for three years, and composition for two years.

Riley had shown an interest in composition from an early age. At the age of eight, she composed a short composition. The composition was developed by using an empty canister as well as rubber bands to produce the notes E, F, G, and B. These notes were then struck in various orders and rhythms to produce a melody. Although this piece was never recorded and Riley is not proud of the piece, she still remembers it and it is a constant reminder of her progress.

Riley has always been an extremely motivated scholar. While living in the northeast, she completed high school early and was the valedictorian. She was also a Robert Byrd Scholar and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the university.

Riley completed her musical studies in the southeast. It is while studying at the university that Riley realized the she has perfect pitch and synesthesia. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in music and a Master's degree in music while living in the southeast. She is currently completing post-baccalaureate studies in music in order to nurture her talents as a pianist and composes during her free time.