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Artist Statistics

  • Real name - Kenneth Edward Keyn
  • Birthday - January 28, 1985
  • Birth place - Bergen, Norway
  • Current location - Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Occupation - Student, Musician, Receptionist / Cashier
  • Spoken language - English

Artist Biography

Kenneth Edward Keyn was born in Bergen, Norway on January 28, 1985. He lived in Bergen for three years before moving to Southern California, in the Redlands area, in 1988. After eleven years there, he moved to Beaverton, Oregon, where he lived for four years. I lived on-campus at Warner Pacific College for five years before moving into an apartment off of SE 39th and Holgate in Portland, Oregon.

His active pursuit of music began in first grade when he joined the Loma Linda University Church’s Cherub Choir. For two years he was a part of choir, learning to memorize large amounts of music and perform in front of large audiences in an ensemble format. During sixth grade, he joined school band, learning how to play trombone. For the next five years, he would spend his energy playing in concert, marching, and cover bands. During his Junior year of high school, he returned to choir.

His Junior and Senior years were focused mostly on voice as he became an important part of building the choir program at his school, Arts and Communication Magnet Academy. He involved himself all the activities and functions. He was the choir director’s personal assistant, stage manager, techie, and roadie. He was also an active co-leader of the Choir Fund Raiser Committee.

Near the end of his Junior year, he joined his brother Troy’s solo music project as his backup vocalist. Together with their bassist, Erik Iverson (1985-2006), they formed Troy Keyn and the Vintage. They performed all over Portland and received a great deal of praise from their audiences.

Throughout his life, he has performed at many different venues. Some of them include: Loma Linda University Church; the Rose Bowl; Disneyland; the Multnomah Athletic Club; the Grotto; Capitol Coffee House and Bistro; the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall; the Newmark Theatre; St. Peter's Cathedral of Worms, Germany; and many others.

He began composing near his Junior year in high school, where he composed pieces as the artistic element of class projects. In December 2004, he wrote the first two pieces (his "Oboe Sonatina No.1" and an arrangement of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel") that would solidify his resolve to become a composer. Since then, he has writen upwards of about eighty pieces of music (of which forty-eight were written in 2005 and twenty-six were written in 2006), most of which are currently available for listening on his website.

He's a graduate of Warner Pacific College, where he holds a Bachelor's degree in music with an emphasis in music theory and composition. During college, he sang bass in both Concert Choir and the Warner Chorale, though he's actually a low baritone. Having graduated from Warner Pacific College, his plans are to now work for his Master’s and his Doctorate degrees. Once he has achieved them, he will move to Galway, Ireland, where he will immerse himself in the Celtic music community and learn all that he can for a few years. He will specifically try to learn how to play the Uillean pipes. He will then return to the United States and begin a solo career. Once he feels that he has the skills and experience and he's built up enough money, he will found an institution for the entertainment arts that is geared towards students who show great talent and discipline, but may not be the best academically (like himself).

Major Works

Current works can be downloaded online at:


  • Missa de Clementia (in progress)
  • Requiem (in progress)
  • Auf Wiedersehen (Good Bye)
  • Morning Breeze
  • This Moment is Mine

Small Ensemble

  • Rain
  • The Toy Factory (TOMC 11)
  • Messiaenic Shalom
  • Adamseque

String Orchestra

  • The Depths of Hope
  • Maris Profundum


  • Symphony No. 1
  • Epona's Pastorale (OC ReMix)
  • At the End of All Things (OC ReMix)
  • Anopsia (Aura and Omen)
  • The Apprentice and the Words (CMC 2)
  • Victory at Dawn (TOMC 6)
  • The Sea (CMC 8)
  • Awaiting Halcyon

Conceptual Music Competition


The Conceptual Music Competition is a monthly composition contest directed by Kenneth Edward Keyn (Abadoss). The CMC was created shortly before the Thematic Original Music Competition was disbanded. Having been a long-standing participant in the TOMC, he wanted to continue the same format of competitions. He initally asked the former director of the TOMC, DJBren, to allow him to continue the competition using the same name. However, DJBren had declined the use of the competition name, but allowed the use of the contest format.

The first three rounds of the competition were exclusive to members of OverClocked ReMix. However, participation was limited and Abadoss won all three. In a move to encourage more people to submit entries, he opened up the contest to members of VGMix, Newgrounds, ThaSauce, Ormgas, and VGMusic. Newgrounds was dropped in the fifth round; SheezyArt was added in the sixth round and dropped in the thirteenth round; Gaming World and Young Composers were added in the eighth round; Ormgas was dropped in the twentieth round; and GameDev was added in the twentieth round.

The Conceptual Music Competition is currently in its twenty-third round. The competition has received one-hundred and fifty-seven entries - and five bonus entries - as of round twenty-two.

Rules and Voting

For each round, a theme or conceptual idea is chosen - which participants use as the basis of their entries. Each participant is allowed to enter only one piece of music. Collaborations are allowed, but each collaborator will not be able to enter any additional pieces. Each piece of music must be an original composition composed solely for - and not prior to - the Conceptual Music Competition round for which it is submitted. Each piece must be at least two minutes or more in length. All entries must be submitted before the posted cutoff date to be eligible for the contest.

A voting period takes place after the cutoff date, where listeners - anyone within the general community - determine how well each entry interprets the given theme. Each first place vote is worth three points and honorable mentions are worth one point. A contestant cannot vote for him/herself, but is awarded two points if he/she does vote. The contestant with the most points is declared the winner. If a tie occurs, the voting period will extend until the tie is broken.


  • CMC 1: Abadoss - "Honorable Betrayal"
  • CMC 2: Abadoss - "The Apprentice and the Words"
  • CMC 3: Abadoss - "Vast Seas of White"
  • CMC 4: The Prophet of Mephisto - "genesis"
  • CMC 5: Sir_NutS - "Bloody Sunrise"
  • CMC 6: Maquis - "Into the Ether"
  • CMC 7: Zekk - "Tower of Misguided Trust"
  • CMC 8: Joseph Liao - "The Cheeky Explorer"
  • CMC 9: Rich Douglas - "The Long Wait"
  • CMC 10: Rich Douglas - "The Gas Station"
  • CMC 11: Rich Douglas - "The Pain of Duty"
  • CMC 12: Blue.Nocturne - "Unforgiving Sin"
  • CMC 13: Blue.Nocturne - "March to Victory"
  • CMC 14: Blue.Nocturne - "Dreams of Utopia"
  • CMC 15: Jeremy Robson - "Scenes d'Amour"
  • CMC 16: Blue.Nocturne - "Deep Sea Descent"
  • CMC 17: Blue.Nocturne - "Land of Solitude"
  • CMC 18: Ross Birdsall - "Ruins of Maya"
  • CMC 19: Blue.Nocturne - "Ghostly Dance"
  • CMC 20: xRisingForce - "Yame no Natsu"
  • CMC 21: Ubernym - "Grim Determination"
  • CMC 22: Ubernym - "The Golden Zither"

Contact Info


Instant Messenger

  • AIM: Abadoss
  • ICQ: 62402172
  • YIM: Abadoss
  • MSN:
  • Jabber:


  • #ocremix

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