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Moises Rafael Silva (born August 30, 1985) is a "game" style music composer born in Burbank, California. Although he has never received any formal training, he is recognized as a talented young composer with an offbeat personality. Silva mostly led a "teacher's aid" role while in his high schools marching band in Verdugo Hills High School, teaching newcomers to bring them up to speed with the rest of the group while teaching himself. Also participated for a brief two weeks in the bands Colorguard line and more than a year in the Drumline. Silva currently serves in the United States Marines as a Financial Manager living with his wife in San Diego.

Early life, family and experience...

He was born to Blanca Perez from El Salvador and Lorenzo Silva from Mexico, though the two were never married. It is explained that his name came as a "dying wish" of a friend of his mothers to be named "Moises" in the biblical sense. The friend had wishes to see the young man spread religion. After Silva was born, some years later the parents decide to split. Silva was raised by his mother in the small town of Sunland, California located in the San Fernando Valley and is brother to Laura, Julio, and Luisana Silva. His interest in music was not fully sparked until he joined the marching band in his high school. He struggled to keep up with academic classes and ended up dropping out of high school at the end of his senior year. He moved to Las Vegas in the attempt to live with his estranged father and returned only after three months. In the band, as a freshmen, he was new to music and never played before. Over time, he had taught himself how to play the basics of trumpet while gaining the status of lead player in his line over time. He had decided that he loved playing his instrument that he learned to play other brass instruments such as the Trombone, Baritone, Tube, Horn in F... etc but not woodwind instruments although he continues to learn. He quickly became recognized by peers and the band director as he was awarded "Most Improved" in his freshman year and "Most Dedicated" in his junior year for his performance. The director had nominated Silva to play in a special Cal State L.A. (California State University of Los Angeles) event which consisted of first chair players from other high schools. In his senior year, he had joined two of his band peers to a musical workshop hosted by the United Stated Marine Corp. band only which you were nominated to go. Silva was selected among the few to actually play with the Marine Corp. band. After high school, to this day, Silva applies his knowledge of Music to compositions he writes as a personal hobby.

Life After Early Life

After high school, he attended college and there joined the college choir for a better musical sense. Soon after two years, he worked full time instead and left college. He moved from his mothers when he was 20 and met his wife in North Hollywood California where he resided with her family for 2 years before he decided to enlist in the military. He currently serves in The Marines as a Financial Manager.


John Williams, James Horner, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, and many other well known composers of film seem to be the biggest influences on Moises Silva. He tries to look into more "classical" composers such as Tchaikovsky (being one of the influences on Danny Elfman) for a better, more broad musical sense.