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The Site Structure page exists to inform contributors of content and functionality that has not yet been covered on the Young Composers site. If you would like to contribute to or begin a new article on the wiki, you may either click one of the red links on this page to begin the corresponding article or use the form below. Type the desired article name into the box, then click Submit. Please note that if you choose an article name which already exists, you will be taken to the edit screen for that article.

For our guidelines to writing articles on the wiki, see the following page: Guidelines <inputbox> type=create buttonlabel=Submit preload=Template:Standard content for new page </inputbox>


This section may list articles that need attention or have not yet been created. Feel free to contribute to our site but also be sure to adhere to our guidelines.



List which instrument articles needed here:

Instruments and Voices
Woodwinds Flute (Piccolo/Alto/Bass)RecorderOboe (Cor Anglais/Oboe D'amore/Heckelphone)Clarinet (E♭/Bass/Contrabass)

Bassoon (Contrabassoon)SaxophoneBagpipes

Brass HornCornetTrumpetTromboneEuphoniumTubaSaxhorns
Keyboards PianoOrganHarmoniumHarpsichordClavichordCelestaAccordion
Percussion Tuned: TimpaniGlockenspielChimesVibraphoneXylophoneMarimbaCrotalesMusical sawHammered Dulcimer

Untuned: Snare drumBass drumTriangleCymbalsGongsTom-tomsShakersDrumset

Electronic ThereminOndes MartenotSynthesizerElectronic Wind Instrument
Stringed Bowed: ViolinViolaVioloncelloContrabass

Plucked: HarpGuitarMandolinBanjo

Voices Female: SopranoMezzo-soprano (often mistaken with Alto)Contralto (often mistaken with Alto)

Male: TrebleCountertenorTenorBaritoneBass-baritoneBass

Musical Form

The following do not but should exist:

  • Rhapsody
  • Dance - UPDATE: since these aren't forms per se, this is just a list of articles that really should be written. A To-Do List. JAW
  • Ballet
  • Opera

Music theory lessons/random article suggestions

Dictionary Project

Music Dictionary - this is ready to go full blast, start adding your definitions!

Spelling and Pronunciation Guide - we need more people that know IPA and proper pronunciation!

Stubs and Wanted pages

Bored? If you'd like to expand on pre-existing articles, see:

If you'd like to start a new page, here's a list of articles that have been linked to but have yet to be written:


This section outlines any plans or suggestions for update across the entire Young Composers site regarding features and functionality.

The Board

-Note to editors: Please create all pages that discuss site features as projects. i.e. Young Composers:Page name

Social Network

Personal Profile

Music Profile

Video Profile

Search Engine and how to rank your music

Your contributions to the Wiki may improve your search ranking so that you gain more exposure as a composer!

Types of memberships

Auction (will be in the works after our social network is built)

Reverse auction

Regular auction

YC Store

(guess what, we are going to sign a deal with Hal Leonard, a music distributor! So we will be selling various products such as Finale/Sibelius)

Users that contribute to the Wiki may be entitled to discounts at the YC Store!

The different products we currently sell

How the store works, and featured products on the store homepage, etc etc