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Upload Forums

This is the place within YC where you can show off your compositions! No matter what kind of piece you may write, YC has a category for it!

Please only upload your own work. Do not post advertisement links to artists who are not a part of YC.

How To Submit Works

Once you have chosen and entered the forum you wish to upload your piece to, click the "New Thread" button located to the top left. Give the thread a title (the name of the piece is best). In the large text box write a description of the piece and give any links you may have to mp3s, scores or video. If you have a file you would like to upload (gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .mid, .midi, .mus, .nwc, .pdf, .png, .rtf, .sib, .txt, .xml) scroll down and click "Manage Attachments", "Browse" (select the file), then "Upload". Once you have everything added, you may click "Preview Post" to check and make sure everything looks how you would like it, or "Submit New Thread" to go ahead and post.

Upload Forums Descriptions

Please read the description of the forums before posting. If you happen to post in the wrong forum and would like the piece moved, please contact a Moderator and Administrator; they would be happy to move it for you. If a Moderator or Administrator notice a misplaced thread, they may move it at there discretion but will leave a redirect link as to let you know where you can find your piece.

Major Works

As the name implies, Major Works is a forum designated for pieces with significant length and complexity. All works submitted must be approved by staff comprised of Reviewers, Moderators and Administrators. These staff members will make a decision based upon compliance with the Major Works Guidelines.

Orchestral and Large Ensembles

The Orchestral and Large Ensembles forum is for pieces played by an orchestra or large group of instruments. These works require a conductor. Shorter or less complex Orchestral pieces that do not qualify for Major Works may be placed in this forum.

Chamber Music

The Chamber Music forum is pieces composed for smaller groups of instruments, including those with Piano or Solo Keyboard. These works do not require a conductor. You may also upload works for solo instrument (other than piano) such as flute, violin, etc.

Choral and Vocal

The Choral/Vocal forum is for works composed for voice. These can be works for one or more singers (soloist or chorus).

Piano and Solo Keyboard

The Piano/Solo Keyboard forum is for works composed for solo piano, harpsichord, organ - any type of keyboard.

Incidental Music and Soundtracks

The Incidental Music and Soundtracks forum is for film, video game and any other works not meant to be performed on concert stage.

Jazz, Band, Pop and Rock

The Jazz, Band, Pop/Rock forum is for compositions composed for the genres of Jazz, Band, Pop and Rock music.


The Electronic forum is for compositions made from electronic resources.


YC's newest upload forum, Lyrics is for users to post their own, original lyrics.

Guidelines for Posting

As with all forums in YC, the upload forums fall under the jurisdiction of the heavily enforced Code of Conduct.