Baritone (vocal range)

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<music> \meterOff \cadenzaOn \clef bass g,4 \glissando s e </music>

The baritone range

The baritone vocal range is the singing voice between tenor and bass, usually considered as spanning from A2 to F4. It is typically the lowest in SATB (voice) choir. The baritone voice is written in bass clef and is sung by a male singer, as are the tenor and bass. The bass voice is sometimes considered as a baritone who possesses a greater extension into the lower range, sometimes as low as C2.

Instruments and Voices
Woodwinds Flute (Piccolo/Alto/Bass)RecorderOboe (Cor Anglais/Oboe D'amore/Heckelphone)Clarinet (E♭/Bass/Contrabass)

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