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This is the designated area for all forums and topics related to music composition. Below you will find descriptions of each category. Have a topic in mind? I'm sure you will find a place for it!

Composer's Headquarters

Topics about composition in general have a place in the Composer's Headquarters forum. Discuss composers or pieces you like, compositional styles or just anything relating to composition!

Incomplete Works; Writer's Block and Suggestions

Uh oh, stuck and need help? Have a place in a current composition that you just cannot overcome? Ask for help! Post your incomplete or current projects in the Incomplete Works; Writer's Block and Suggestions forum to get advice before it is finished. So much easier than finishing the whole piece and having to rework it later on!

Advice and Techniques

You have questions, we have answers! But hey, any advice or knowledge you have is also welcome! Ask questions and / or answer them here in the Advice and Techniques forum!

Discuss compositional methods and different ways of writing music!


Want to brag about an awesome performance you had? Sure you do! Discuss the way you perform, what instruments you play, how well your instruments sound or give and obtain advice in the Performance forum!


What are you currently playing? What have you played in the past? What would you like to learn?

Discuss with fellow composers and performers the type of music you love to learn here in the Repertoire forum!

Suggest a Work

Open each other to new musical experiences! Tell the community what you like to listen to! Maybe they have never heard it before. Perhaps they have something new for you too! Check it out in the Suggest a Work forum!

Guidelines for posting

As with all forums here on YC, when posting please adhere to the heavily enforced Code of Conduct.

If you have a topic unrelated to music composition, it may be more fitting to post it in the Off Topic.