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Contests and Games

Play musical games, challenge each other with trivia, and partake in organized competitions! Time to get creative!

Musical Challenges and Games

Make up quizzes, challenges, games (such as Melody Harmonization), and trivia or participate in those created by other members in the Musical Challenges and Games forum!


Participate in active competitions or create your own! This can be a great way to challenge yourself as a composer, explore new styles of composition and go places with music you never thought you would.

  • Larger competitions are posted in the main forum. These are generally larger works with many participants which take place over a month or more.

Have a suggestion for a new competition? Be sure to let us know!

Guidelines for posting

As with all forums in YC, you must adhere to the Code of Conduct in addition to any rules that may be set by the thread starter or competition's judge.