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Off Topic Forum

What is it for?

The Off Topic Forum is a place where YC's members can socialize and discuss topics unrelated to music composition.


The three subforums are for specialized topics. They include : Other Arts, Serious Discussion and Journals. These categories were put into place for more organization of topics and easier access.

Other Arts

We all have one thing in common here at YC - music composition. However, some branch out into other fields of art. This subforum was created for members to express any other artistic sides they may have! Feel free to post anything from poetry to artwork to computer graphic artwork to film... anything! Show off your creativity!

Serious Discussions

Political discussion anyone? This forum is to discuss or debate anything of a serious nature. Peacefully of course!


This is where you can share your thoughts on anything you wish! Create your own journal to share musical endeavours or just to vent about everyday life! Your own little place in YC!

Guidelines for posting

The Off Topic falls under the same rules as all of YC. It is a bit more laid back, however you still must adhere to the Code of Conduct.