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The Featured Profile section of the Young Composers Music Forum's home page allows the site's staff to showcase one member's profile per month that is well written and presents the artist in a favorable and informative manner. A new artist and profile is chosen every month and previous featured profiles are listed below.

Current Featured Profile


July 2009: Hector Omar Sanchez

A composer since the age of 12, 18 year old Hector Omar Sanchez is an Editor and active member of the Young Composers community. He is a talented musician, with his instrumental abilities including the clarinet, piano, flute, and mallet percussion. He has been commissioned 4 times since beginning his career as a composer and hopes to attend Berklee College of Music.

Previously Featured Profiles


July 2009: Tyler Justin Hughes

Tyler Justin Hughes started his career in music in middle school. He excelled at music on the French Horn as well as other music programs, such as UIL Music Memory, All-Region Band, and All-region Choir.Tyler is about to start his fourth year of college as a composition major and and has had music performed at a recent NACUSA conference.


June 2009: James H. Householder IV

James Householder, editor, is an aspiring young composer and multi-instrumentalist living in western Pennsylvania. James, 19 years of age, is a recent graduate of the Penn-Trafford High School, where he was an avid and ambitious member of the band.


April-May 2009: Mikebot

In the spirit of April 1st, this month's featured profile is Mikebot. With a member number of 1 and a staff position as an administrator, Mike is Young Composers' first and oldest automated bot. Known throughout the internet community as the more sociable and pleasant to deal with...


March-April 2009: Miguel Bulteau

Miguel Bulteau Carneiro Rodrigues was born in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 13th, 1989. He joined Young Composers on February 22nd, 2006. Primarily an aspirant composer and playwright, he also enjoys drawing albeit showing no interest in perfecting his technique.


October 2008 to February 2009: Robin Jessome

In 1980, Nova Scotia saw the birth of a future legend, Robin Jessome. Mr. Jessome grew up in a musical environment. His father introduced Robin to many musical styles when he was a child. This early exposer to music probably made Robin's head so open, his brain fell out.

September 2008: Derek Andrews

Derek Andrews is 24 years old. He has spent many years developing the art of spontaneous improvisation on the piano. This is different from jazz, as all aspects of his music are created on the fly: Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony. His goal is to continually develop this skill throughout his life, making as many recordings as possible and sharing them with his friends and family. He has no desire for fame of any sort and takes the greatest pleasure in helping others learn to improvise.


June, July and August 2008: Christopher Dunn Rankin

Christopher Dunn-Rankin has been composing since the age of 10, singing since the age of 8, and playing the piano since the age of 4. He is a fourth-year composition major at Oberlin Conservatory, and hopes to become a professional composer, as well as a music teacher. He has performed under the baton of Carl St. Clair, music director and principal conductor of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, and John Alexander, music director and conductor of the Pacific Chorale.

May 2008: Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith (known on YC as 'Hands') is a first-year composition student at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. He is trying to make a career in music despite having perhaps the most generic name in the universe. He has wanted to be a composer ever since he heard Danny Elfman's "Music for a Darkened Theater", and perhaps even before that.

February 2008: Michael Porcaro

Michael Porcaro is a composer strictly for the piano, and he has been composing music for about 13 years. Throughout those years he studied in depth the composer Chopin. He discovered Chopin's works at about the age of 15 by listening to the Fantasie Impromptu. This inspired him to memorize every piece composed by Chopin by heart.

November 2007: Jonathan Howie

Jonathan Howie was born in Marquette, Michigan, on September 19, 1983, to Thomas and Catherine Howie. At age one, his family moved to West Chazy, New York, where Thomas began working for WCFE-TV, a public television station. Catherine, being a music student herself, taught Jonathan in music at an early age, and began piano lessons when he was five years old.