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The purpose of this page is to aide in the networking of instrumentalists on Young Composers to perform our composers' works. If you would like to add yourself to either of these lists, click the Edit tab above and you will see some short instructions below on how to do it. If you have any problems or questions about this Wiki page, please post in the Performance Thread or PM James. Cheers!

Projects on queue

Add your compositions here. Please contact the musicians yourself, they will not necessarily come to you. If your piece involves a piano accompaniment, you may provide a recording, or ask an available pianist. If your piece involves multiple other instruments, you will need to find someone who knows how to handle simple multi-track recording.

Composer Piece Instrumentation Briefing
Berlioz Wasteland piano solo Lots and lots of rubato needed so that the piece has its "wandering" life and doesn't get monotonous!
Nonsense scherzo bassoon and piano
Blackballoons Bolt two trumpet, piano In progress: James H. (trumpets), possibly looking for pianist?
Cody Loyd Free Improvisation project All instrumentalists You don't necessarily have to be into jazz!
Ferkungamabooboo Various Various See thread or PM for more info
Ultrus Viderat Everlost alto (voice) and piano
OmarSanchez Piano Solo No. 3 in A# minor (1st mvt.) Piano Solo This piece uses the pentatonic scale using all black keys on the keyboard. This was my band final which got a letter grade of A.
Henk Vogel Groningen Suite No. 1 (Prelude, Fuga, Passacaglia) Brass Quintet In progress: James H. and Robinjessome

Available instrumentalists

If you play an instrument and you are capable of decent live recording, put your name down here.

Instrument Musicians
Flute Mathieu (Piccolo)
OmarSanchez (C)
pianistboy (C)
Oboe Oboeducky
Clarinet James H. (Bb, alto, bass)
Azura (Bb)
Mathieu (Bb)
IceWind91 (Bb)
OmarSanchez (Bb, alto, bass, EEb contra alto, BBb contra bass)
Sean Salamon (Bb)
Michael A. Garman (Bb, Bass)
Bassoon Mathieu
James H.
Saxophone Mathieu (alto, tenor and baritone)
Maelstrom (alto)
Sean Salamon (Soprano)
xiii1408 (alto)
Recorder James H. (soprano/descant)
Mathieu (alto/treble)
Others James H. (crystal Flute/Fife in G)
Mathieu (accordion)
Trumpet James H. (Bb)
OmarSanchez (Bb)
Horn James H., Norby
Trombone Robinjessome (tenor, bass, valve)
Euphonium/Baritone Elizabeth J ( (jesusfreak1277).
Tuba James H. (BBb, 3/4)
Battery, Accessory Jamie Whitmarsh
Keyboard percussion Jamie Whitmarsh
Timpani Jamie Whitmarsh
Piano Gijs van Beusekom
Elizabeth J (jesusfreak1277) (

Harpsichord steventanoto
Organ steventanoto
Guitar Cody Loyd (acoustic)
Jem7 (electric)
Ferkungamabooboo (bass)
Violin Musicman02
Viola Voce
Violoncello Musicman02
Soprano Elizabeth J ( (jesusfreak1277) (F3-F6)
Alto Elizabeth J ( (jesusfreak1277) (F3-F6)
Tenor OMWBWAY (A2 - D5)
Baritone Morivou (G2 - G4)
Sean Salamon (E2-F#4)
Bass IceWind91 (C2 - E4)
Matthew Becker (D#2 - E4)

Mixing masters

This is a list of people who are experienced in simple multi-track recording techniques. If you or any of the musicians you need to record your piece are not able to mix a multi-track, contact one of the people on this list.

  • Ferkungamabooboo: general mixing. Logic + various. Any size project.
    • Samples: Tchoupchupacabra: This was my last band. I did a number of the songs, but I can't remember which ones. These are a bit rough, and my skills have improved since then.
  • Person: software and experience
    • Samples: