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Note: This documentation has been transcluded from the /doc subpage of this template at Template:Infobox section/doc. All documentation, categories, etc. should go there.


This template is used to build infoboxes. It creates a sub-section heading within the infobox to organize the different types of infobox fields. It should typically only be used in infobox templates.


{{infobox section|section name
  | bg = 
  | align = 


The first parameter is required; all other parameters are optional.

section name
Required. The name of the section. This is an unnamed parameter.
Background colour of the infobox. Can be an HTML-recognized colour (e.g. red) or a hexadecimal colour (e.g. #ff0000). This should correspond to the bgalt parameter of {{infobox header}}, for aesthetic reasons. Default: #ffebcd.
The horizontal alignment of the section heading's text, i.e. where it's placed horizontally in the infobox. Can be left, right, center. Default: center.

See Help:Infoboxes for more information on how to make infobox templates.


To make a section heading called "General Info":

{{infobox section|General Info}}

To make the same section, but with the heading text aligned to the right and a bright red background (example only, don't do this!):

{{infobox section|General Info}}

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