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Note: This documentation has been transcluded from the /doc subpage of this template at Template:Infobox header/doc. All documentation, categories, etc. should go there.


This template is used to build infoboxes. It creates the header part of the infobox, consisting of the beginning of the table wiki-code, the title, and an image and caption. It should typically only be used in infobox templates.


{{infobox header
  | width = 
  | float = 
  | bg = 
  | bgalt = 
  | align = 
  | name = 
  | image = 
  | imgsize = 
  | caption = 


All parameters are optional.

Width of the infobox, as a number + unit (e.g. 35% or 300px). Can be in % (of screen width), w:em, w:en, pt, or px (pixel). % or em is preferred. Do not put a space between a number and its unit! Default: 35%.
Whether the box appears at the left or right of the page. Default: right.
Background colour of the infobox. Can be an HTML-recognized colour (e.g. red) or a hexadecimal colour (e.g. #ff0000). Default: #f7dbbc.
The background colour for the name, at the top of the infobox. Same type of value as bg. Default: #ffebcd.
The alignment of text within the infobox. Can be left, right, center, justified. Default: left.
The name of the article's subject (text). Default: {{PAGENAME}} (i.e. the page name without the namespace).
An image to appear in the infobox. Only give the file name of an uploaded image, e.g. SomeImage.jpg. Default: no image.
The width of the image, in pixels (without unit). Default: 200.
A caption to appear below the image (text). Default: None.

See Help:Infoboxes for more information on how to make infobox templates.

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