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This is a directory page for all of Young Composers' masterclasses. You can connect to all the specific masterclasses in the navbox below.

What is a Masterclass?

YC's masterclasses are designed to be educational tools for the young composer. They are collections of articles, called "tutorials", each of which covers a specific topic within the broader "masterclass subject." For example, an article on the horn would be a tutorial of the Orchestration masterclass. Tutorials are usually written in a sequential order so that when read in that order the greatest comprehension of the material can be afforded. However, individual tutorials can be read on a "need-to-know" basis usually without problems. Then, if one needs to know specifically about the Horn, one doesn't need to read about the Violin first to understand the horn. However, some overarching principles that span the entire masterclass may be lost.

What can I do with the Masterclasses?

The greatest use for the masterclasses is, obviously, learning the material. Often masterclasses that are in progress of being written, or are completed but popular, will have a forum-based "class" element where the writer of the masterclass can answer questions or assign exercises relevant to the material. This can be enormously helpful to the budding composer who has not had much practical experience and needs guidance on where to go in more advanced techniques. Also, if you have questions, feel free to private message the writer of the article and let him or her know of your questions and concerns.

YC's Current Masterclasses

Orchestration Masterclass

This masterclass discusses orchestration for orchestra and band, going through instrumentation, orchestration, and notation. Ideal for the composer with a good grasp on theory who wants to delve into orchestral writing.

Ear Training Through Solfege

A great series for composers who want to improve their ear training.

A Musical Study Guide

A series of outlines of music history, great as listening guides.

Music of the Classical Period

An extension of the above Musical Study Guide.