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To Do Detailed Description Difficulty Hours Worker Priority Resolved?
Public Music Page Members would like their music pages to be made public Easy 1 Dev High No
Facebook Integration Status updates linked to Facebook Hard 10 Justin Tokke Low No
Auction YC members can perform jobs for $$ Difficult 40+ Dev High Pending
Comet Chat Integrate Comet Chat with Network and Forum Hard 10 Dev Medium No
Lessons Implement a system to manage lessons. Robin volunteered to start a mock trial Medium 10 Dev High No
Tutorials Needs staff to pay attention to tutorials. Move to wiki? Easy Ongoing Community High No
Competitions Revamp the competitions forum. Rosanne and Mike will host competitions for Fitness Videos. Reward system needed. Easy Ongoing Community High Pending
Reviewer's Picks Major Works variant. Needs a system in place Easy Ongoing Community High Pending
Organization of Staff We have to be sure staff is engaged. Weekly meetings set in place. Eliminate non-active staff. Easy Ongoing Chopin/Jay/Hillary High Pending
Homepage Homepage is desperately needed. Easy 1 Dev High No
Forum Organization Eliminate, condense or encourage activity in inactive forums. Create new forums if necessary. Hard Ongoing Staff High No
Move finished masterclasses Post on wiki Easy 4 Hillary/Tokke Medium No
Video Tutorial Walk-through of site features Hardish 6 Hillary/Marius High No
Reorganize wiki More intuitive categories Easy  ? Hillary Low No
Staff org chart To be made Easy 1 Hillary Medium No
Staff Email YC emails for staff Easy 1 Chopin Low No

Completed tasks:

Task Detailed Description Worker Comments Date Completed
Wiki staff list Index of staff members on wiki BSMC Nov 1, 2010