YC 24 Preludes and Fugues

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This Wiki page works in conjunction with the two threads in the Collaborative Works:

Participants have signed up in those threads and been assigned a key with which to work. The goal is to complete a full set of 24 preludes and fugues and in the end possibly determine by popular vote who composed the best prelude and fugue. If an entry below appears Open, you may post in the appropriate thread and call that key for yourself. If you cannot complete the work, you are obligated to return the status on this page back to Open and report the change in the thread. Have fun, and happy composing!
- JamesH-3024 02:23, 9 July 2009 (EDT)

C major

C minor

D-flat major

C-sharp minor

D major

D minor

E-flat major

  • Prelude - Onion?
  • Fugue - Open

E-flat minor

E major

E minor

F major

F minor

  • Prelude - Dirk Gently?
  • Fugue - Dirk Gently?

F-sharp major/G-flat major

  • Prelude - Nick_C?
  • Fugue - Open

F-sharp minor

G major

G minor

  • Prelude - Open
  • Fugue - Open

A-flat major

G-sharp minor

A major

A minor

B-flat major

B-flat minor/A-sharp minor

B major/C-flat major

B minor

  • Prelude - Maelstrom?
  • Fugue - Open