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Lastname, Firstname. Title of Work in C Major ("Moonlight"), Op. 33 (Note): III Vivace. Violin I, m. 33. My Anthology of Music. Ed. John Editor. New York: Music Publisher, 1867, 51-52.

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This template is used to cite any form of published music. It outputs a citation in bibliographic style, based on the Chicago style; it is ideally suited for a References/Footnotes section or perhaps for listing works that serve as examples to an article or otherwise pertain to it. To cite recordings or popular music, use {{Cite recording}}.


{{cite music
        | composer =
        | title =
        | nickname =
        | url =
        | type =
        | op =
        | note =
        | mvt =
        | part =
        | mm =
        | details =
        | editor =
        | city =
        | publisher =
        | year =
        | page =

Compact form (for copy-paste convenience):

{{cite music|title=|url=|type=|composer=|nickname=|op=|movement=|note=|details=|editor=|part=|mm=|city=|publisher=|year=|page=}}


All parameters except "title" are optional.

Name of composer in bibliographic style: "Lastname, Firstname MI". Do not include a period at the end.
The title of the work.
The nickname of the work; for example, Mozart's Symphony No. 41 is nicknamed "Jupiter". (Don't include the quotation marks).
A URL to the work in question - typically a score or extract thereof. For classical music, it is suggested you link to IMSLP.
Refers to the formatting of the title. Either i for italics or q for quotation marks. Leave blank (or omit) for no formatting. Usage depends on the length and importance of the work: major works like symphonies, suites, concerti and operas are usually italicised, while shorter works such as songs, arie, and movement names and other subdivisions of works are put in quotation marks. Note that works without a given title, but named using generic words/terms (e.g. Symphony No. 41 in C Major, Flute Concerto in D Minor) are never italicised. This is analogous to a book vs. an article for citations of written works.
The opus number, Köcher catalog number, WoO number, or other catalog number. Give the entire string, e.g. Op. 15.
A note in parentheses given after the title and nickname of the work. This might, for example, specify which of two version of a work published by a composer. Don't include the parentheses.
The number and possibly name of the movement.
The voice or part referred to, e.g. Violin II.
The measure(s) being cited. Include the abbreviation "m." or "mm."
A "free space" for details on the work that doesn't fit elsewhere - e.g. if part of an anthology, you can specify the title of the anthology here. This field appears right before the editor section. Include all formatting here, as well as punctuation (e.g. final period).
If citing a specific published edition of a score, or citing from an anthology of music, the name of the editor in normal order: Firstname Lastname.
The city where the work was printed/published - per usual bibliographic citations.
The year the work was printed, per usual bibliographic citations.
The page where the work or passage being cited can be found. Do not include the p. or pp. abbreviation.


If all parameters are used, a citation of the following format appears. If any parameter (except title) is omitted, then the related part in the citation is omitted.

Syntax used:

{{cite music
        | composer=Lastname, Firstname
        | title=Title of Work in C Major
        | nickname=Moonlight
        | url=http://imslp.org
        | type=
        | op=Op. 33
        | note=Note
        | mvt=III. Vivace
        | part=Violin I
        | mm=m. 33
        | details=''My Anthology of Music''.
        | editor=John Editor
        | city=New York
        | publisher=Music Publisher
        | year=1867
        | page=51-52

Lastname, Firstname. Title of Work in C Major ("Moonlight"), Op. 33 (Note): III Vivace. Violin I, m. 33. My Anthology of Music. Ed. John Editor. New York: Music Publisher, 1867, 51-52.

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