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Here is a list of Young Composers Endorsed teachers and current students

  • Bitterduck - guitar technique; composing for guitar; composing for hip hop and pop music.

Students: OmarSanchez, Ares1020

  • Christopher Dunn-Rankin - chromatic contemporary (especially non-tonal), solo voice, choral, basic theory.

Students: 06percussion10, BeeKreaitif2008

  • Daniel - composition according to common-practice-period harmony, counterpoint and form.

Students: None

  • eldeni5402522 - modern techniques of jazz form and structure; composing variations for jazz and modern melodies/themes; mental and physical performance development.

Students: None

  • Marius - composition of effective incidental music and use of music technology.

Students: None

  • matt.kaner (not accepting new applicants as of May 5 2009) - tonal and post-tonal harmony (anything from Bach to Penderecki and beyond + jazz); counterpoint (species counterpoint, fugue etc); general techniques of composition, inc. thematic/harmonic development and motivic structure.

Students: Matthaeus, Halvor Hosar, Aniolel

  • Nicola Canzano - counterpoint, form, structure, development/thematic expansion, extramusical development

Students: blackballoons, Jen318tkd

  • QcCowboy1245220271 (not accepting new applicants as of Apr 28 2009) - compositional technique (craft); functional orchestration; material development (harmonic/thematic); non-traditional tonal harmony.

Students: healey.cj

  • robinjessome - trombone technique, Jazz performance; Jazz theory; Jazz styles (history/artists).

Students: None

  • The Nightfly - compositional technique; handling thematic material and motivic ideas; pupils versed in basic music theory and with leanings towards atonality/non-functional harmony preferred.

Students: None

  • Tuskle - electronic music (including filtering, synthesizing, digital effects, beat-programming and different genre approaches); electronic ways of producing instrumental music (including mastering); workflow methods concerning FL Studio; in-depth knowledge about speakers and different ways of listening.

Students: PhantomOftheOpera

  • Will Kirk - classical guitar technique; examination of guitar works with regard to playability and style; Jazz Bass - sight reading, hand training, and bass theory.

Students: None