Klaus Egge

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Klaus Egge

Klaus Egge (July 19, 1906 – March 7, 1979) was a Norwegian composer and music critic. His music, often called a stream of will, is characterized by polyphony and a strong rhythmical energy.

Egge's musical development can be seperated into three periods:

  • The first period, where folk music is a central source of inspiration - his first piano sonata, a staple of the Norwegian repertoire, dates from this period.
  • The second period, where he develops a more universal tonal language. This period is peaked by his development of a kind of metamophic technique, where a musical motif undergoes repeated transformations.
  • And the third period, which sees Egge explore the twelve-tone technique.

His major works include five symphonies, three piano concerti, one violin concerto, one cello concerto and numerous chamber works.