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Blue check.svg.png This page documents a YC Wiki Guideline. It is a generally accepted standard that editors should follow, though it should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception.
Then look no further! This article will tell you everything you need to know. Let us look at an overview of the article structure.
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Lead section

The introductory paragraph/statement should contain the name of the composer in bold followed by the date of the composers birth and also death if applicable. If the exact date isn't known, use the closest verifiable approximation (e.g., 19th century, 1863, January 1863, or January 16, 1863). Concisely summarize the information discussed in the article. Brief information on the composer's stylistic location in relation to his or her contemporaries, and in historical terms, would be helpful to many readers. If the composer is notable as a conductor/performer/etc there should be a note about that as well.

For example: "John Doe (1863–1910) was a romantic composer who wrote much of the common repertoire for the clarinet still performed today."

The last sentence of the first paragraph may be a summary statement of the importance of the composer--i.e. in the same position as the standard thesis statement of an essay.

"Filetovich Sanovich (1601-1721) was a Russian composer and kazoo player of the late Baroque era. He was the most famous exponent of the newly developed Orthodox Kazoo concerto, and championed virtuoso kazoo playing in Russia as well as western Europe."


Here is sample of possible sections which can be used on a composers page. Which categories apply to any one composer is dependent on the information available and what is considered as pertinent to the individual composer.

Variations of these headings can be used to better describe what topics are outlined within that section. In most cases a heading is only appropriate if there is more than one paragraph of that type of information. (So don't have a header for everything here when there is only a sentence about each.)

==Biographical Notes== (Remember that this Wiki is geared towards composers, not the general public. Thus, the biographical information should be at a minimum. Rather focus on the music)
==Music== (Not necessary unless you have a lot of subheaders. If included, the word "Musical" is redundant in any subheaders.)
===Musical Style===:
===Musical Influence===
===Legacy=== (Could be included in Influence depending on what is discussed.)
===Notable Compositions=== (compositions considered high quality, rather than popular)
===Media=== (For audio/video samples available on YC Wiki)
===See Also=== (Inter-Wiki links that are either not able to fit in the text or that should also be emphasized)
===References=== (citing sources is a good idea)
===External links===

In general, the editor ought to keep in mind that he is writing the article for composers to read. This will assist in determining which information is relevant.