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"Classical Discoveries" seems to be the answer for all who are just simply tired of the boredom that appears on so much classical radio today.

Classical Discoveries is a weekly radio programme that airs from 5:30 AM to 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. The programme airs on WPRB Princeton based in New Jersey, USA, and is hosted and produced by Marvin Rosen. The show has been running for 12 years and features works by little-known composers "with an emphasis on both the new and the old" and also features recent works by well-known composers. Guest composers are frequently invited on the show for interviews and sometimes the programme will feature a particular theme as, for example, “Music by Turkish Composers” or “Music composed in the 1990s”.

See the Classical Discoveries homepage at


To listen to Classical Discoveries, go to and select one of the stream options. Note that WPRB Radio is not always streaming classical music.

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Weekly discussions are scheduled in the Young Composers Shoutbox during the time Classical Discoveries airs. Young Composers members are encouraged to research the featured works and composers of each weeks program before it airs and discuss the works in real time during the show. Upcoming program information as well as links to various information can be found in the "Articles" section below.

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