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Tiziano Demaria ( on just: Tiziano ) was born 1968 in Monza - Italy - studied music since childhood due his mother. She was music teacher and director of a Music School "Anzaghi" in Milan. Tiziano started with Accordion to learn notes and sounds. At 8 y.O. started Classic Guitar and a little of mouth Harmonica. Then he proceeded further till 14-15 y.o. Since 8-10 years old he was also fascinated by French author Jean Michel Jarre so that decided to follow this genre of music. At the same time was influenced by Pink-Floyd music. In that period of time in italy was very known a musician called "Il Guardiano del Faro" ( "The Guardian of Lighthouse" ), who real name was Federico Monti Arduini. He was the first official italian user of Moog Synthesizer. It basically means that Tiziano received psichedelic and New Age influences since early in his life. Later he met the music of Tangerine Dreams, Alan Parsons and Andreas Vollenweider. At this point he stopped because was not able to express himself as he wanted. Daylight was around 20-22 y.o. when he took a keyboard and started to understand in a better way, mechanism of music. He restarted his studies and full completed Theory and Harmony. Developed a little the keyboard but he was falling back on the guitar. At 30 composed his first piece Memories, followed by other pieces, helped by Computer program. At 35 emigrated in Belgium due very bad job market in italy, and started Music Academy in Mechelen, city of the grandfather of L.Van Beethoven ( it's just a case ). Up to there started Violin in parallel with Jazz & Blues guitar, and Music Composition/Contrappunto ( counterpoint ). Today has composed different pieces of music New Age, and a CD available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many others.

Music Styles

Mainly Tiziano's music styles can be resumed in:

  • New Age
  • Electronic
  • Psychedelic
  • Romantic
  • Neo Classic
  • Blues
  • Jazz


Basically he's Guitar Player ( Classic, Western and Electric guitar ), but he's studying Violin and he's composed pieces for violin too. Together with those instruments, he plays piano and keyboards, Flute, Pan Flute and Recorder. He's strongly interested also to Theremin, and he will start with this instruments very soon, having already ideas of music to play with it.

Compositions Repertory

Earlier Pieces

Since the beginning, he was composing pieces for orchestra with classic instruments and format, but always with his own style. He was composing and playing with notation software as Finale and Cakewalk, in order to have an immediate feeling with the musical panorame created by his music. First pieces are:

  • Memories
  • Armònia
  • Marina
  • Notte Caprese

Completed Works

After those musical experiments, he was dedicated to compose always with notation software but to play personally the majority of the instruments of his own scores, in a way to give the real human feeling sense otherwise not present with just computer execution.

  • Autumn
  • Sally
  • Never Ending Dreams
  • Ode an die Freude ( variation )
  • Neon
  • Concert voor Barbara ( Symphony in E Minor dedicated to Barbara Carpinelli )
  • je crois entendre encore ( Bizet )
  • Spring Time

CDs Production

The first CD he made, was built in a strange and quite singular way. He was frequenting an Internet forum of guitarists located in Italy. He collected some of them and proposed to compose via internet a Concept Album. No one of them was knowing each other. That album has not any solution of continuity among tracks. After one year of great tough work, on 2006 he was able to produce that CD. It's really singular due a lot of things on it, included the cover. Italian newspapers ware talking about this for a while. Title is Guitar Mania under GPL/GNU License
After this experience, he worked on a psychedelic and new age CD dedicated to a girl, indeed it carry on her name. He collected in a Concept Album, her also without solution of continuity among tracks, all the characteristics of that girl: from her manner to move herself, to her manner to express her femininity to her manner to think abstractions. CD is title KAREN available on iTUNES, Amazon,, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody and others

CD's Tracks of Tiziano


Tracks from that CD exclusively composed and plaid by Tiziano

  • Mister Guitar
  • Interlude 1
  • Interlude 2
  • Music: Soul State
  • Tears

Tracks from that CD with participation of Tiziano ( instrument plaid )

  • Experience ( Drum Set Sequencer )
  • Nervous Joe ( Bass Guitar, Drum Set Sequencer )
  • Sound of Sea ( Bass Guitar )
  • Laster Jam Experience ( 1st Electric Guitar, Drum Set Sequencer )


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Tears ( Bonus Track from: Guitar Mania )

Works in Progress

Other pieces and another CD is in production and should be published before the end of 2008.

Further links where it's possible to contact Tiziano Demaria, are the following ones:
Personal Blog
Personal Site
Personal Forum about Instruments and Technical Things
and many others ( facebook, Hi5 and so on )
--Tiziano 14:45, 24 September 2008 (EDT)